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Tarih Yayınlar Başlık
2008-08-07 PC World 15 Great, Free Privacy Downloads
2008-08-07 The Guardian UK Chaos aims to crack China's wall
2008-08-07 The Register UK German hackers poke hole in great firewall of China
2008-08-07 Spiegel Tricks gegen Zensur und Überwachung
2008-08-05 Guardian UK Vaulting the great firewall
2008-05-24 Groupo Estado Interview at Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2008 Conference
2008-03-12 Tor network 'bridges' help evade blockers
2008-02-14 Wired: Compiler Blog How To: Set Up Anonymous Browsing in 30 Seconds or Less
2008-02-01 PC World Hackers Can Expose Masked Surfers, Study Says
2007-09-21 Wired HowTo Blog Be a Whistleblower
2007-09-17 Cnet Tor anonymity server admin arrested
2007-09-10 Wired Rogue Nodes Turn Tor Anonymizer Into Eavesdropper's Paradise
2007-07-27 Wired Blog Cyber Jihadists Embrace Tor
2007-06-22 Bangkok Post The problems with censorship
2007-03-15 World Changing Blogging Where Speech Isn't Free
2007-03-08 Security Focus Tor hack proposed to catch criminals
2007-02-01 Dr Dobb's Tor Project Protects Anonymous Sources
2006-10-19 Wired Threat Level The Onion Router (TOR) is Leaky (Leeky)
2006-08-18 NPR Tips for Protecting Privacy Online
2006-07-05 MSNBC Defending liberties in high-tech world
2006-04-11 PBS Frontline Chipping Away at China's Great Firewall
2006-02-28 PC World Outsmarting the Online Privacy Snoops
2006-02-27 Forbes Cracks In the Wall
2006-02-27 Forbes Cracks In the Wall. Discussion of Tor being used for evading censorship by repressive governments.
2006-02-20 The Boston Globe Beating censorship on the Internet